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Advice/Help Which should I Try first?

(Read below first please) What should I do?

  • #1 The evolutionary quest!

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  • #2 The mystery world!

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You've yeed yer last haw, partn'r
So I just discovered the whole "Quest" thing and I've got two ideas for one. I don't wanna do two at a time though cause this is literally my first one and I feel things could get a little hectic lol. Here are my ideas:

1) A sort of evolutionary quest somewhat inspired by the "Monster Evolution" Quest going on as of posting this. It would center around a creature just discovering themselves(though this would take place in modern times if not a little futuristic) and learning about it's origins and such. This creature has this unique ability to control how it grows and advances, though, so the audience would be able to control it's skill set, appearance, and such.

2) A bit of a mystery surrounding an unnamed character(cause how else are you supposed to fully immerse yourself) who finds themself in an unfamiliar world and has to figure out both how/why they ended up there and how they're going to get out.

Lemme know which you'd be more interested in above! Thanks!

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