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The Fate of the old gods (WIP/Viking mythology)

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The spiritual creatures that left the ocean came in pairs and had a supernatural connection with their spiritual partner. The only creature that lacked a partner was mankind.
The pairs that emerged together were:
Bear and Wolf
Elk and the Spider
Horse and Fox
the Boar and Rat
Crane and Leopard

It was not only these animals that came into existence. Odin being the firstborn and the strongest out of the Vanir and Aesir tribes decided to appoint gods and goddesses and tie their forms with each one of the spiritual animal and they would be the guardians for not only the species but the earth

Odin is the only god that does NOT have an animal form (he relies on hugnin and mugnin)
Gods & Goddesses: (list)

For years the world has been slowly but surely getting thrown into chaos. Nature has started to change. Humans no longer respect the gods of old and the gods/goddesses. The moon... it's turning blood red. Humans have heard the stories of the gods and their spiritual animal forms but they no longer fear it. Some have vowed to hunt the gods' favored animal species. What will happen if the humans slowly decide to hunt the gods themselves (if the gods die their favored species dies and their spiritual animal partner)? Or if they wipe out their species of animals? (The gods shall get weaker and there's more chance of the small worshippers forgetting them and the god dies). With mankind becoming more dangerous the gods face a decision: Do they murder the god/goddess tied to humanity? Humanity has become so detached from the gods it's unknown if they would wither away and die. What shall the fate of the gods be?

The gods and goddesses (included in both tribes of vanir and aesir and the animals they are bound to):


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