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Fantasy the fall of man | one on one search

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Action, Adventure, Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Platonic, Realistic, Romance, Zombies


Fear is a garden, fertile as Eden before the Fall.
hi all~!

so i’m gonna keep this super short because i’m looking for something hella specific but also vague? lol


yep, that’s it! i love the enemy vs enemy trope!

the angst, the drama - i want it allllllllllllllll

i would prefer a fantasy setting - medieval fantasy probably? but i am very open to modern settings, too!

lots of magical and non magical races

human or non human and everything in between

this can be platonic or romantic but if it ends up being romantic it will not be forced - it’s gonna be fully raw and organic and natural

m/f or f/f right now - my main is probably gonna be a woman, but i love multiple characters and roles

this is gonna be dark most likely so come prepared - i’m all for fluff and comedic relief in between, though

we can plot together or you can tell me an idea of yours you’ve had on your mind

i am ooc chat trash sometimes so if you aren’t i apologize in advance lol

i love descriptive writing so much!

please be 18+!! i am old!!!


shoot me a private message if you’re interested!

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