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shadows of war and light ( long term please )


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shadows of war and light is a story about how a girl goes on a journey with her dog , they soon find themselves lost in the depths of tokyo where there is no law . they work there way to a skyscraper that bounty hunt criminals not killing them but turning them into the police of tokyo . soon the bounty hunters are fighting a war that they can't control so they call in they girl and her dog witch happens to be a guardian angel watching over the the 14 yr old girl named stella evergreen . her "dogs" name is (yc) name , the dog can turn into almost anything even a human with wings of choice . stella finds herself stranded on a boat with (yc) as a result of a job request. there is also her boss , brother , and her long lost sister

i am needing four to five characters for this roleplay this is my first big group roleplay i need for people to be responsive and tell me if they are going to bail on the roleplay because i'v been ghosted a lot so if your planing in leaving then please tell me thank you for reading this also here are three rules to follow .

1 . dont kill off my oc
2 . my grammar is sometimes bad please dont judge my spelling
3 . and there will be no cursing

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