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Everyone's Dad
Hello, nice to meet you!
>My name is Eri
>I'm an adult! (I'd prefer my partners be as well, but dm for exceptions)
>I've been roleplaying for absolute ages!
>I'm mostly interested in OCs, however I am in some fandoms!
> For the most part, I only do M/M and Nonbinary/Nonbinary&Male.
> Mogai and Neopronoun friendly.
(Please don't comment to disparage on these, opinions can be kept to yourselves!)
>I am a VERY slow writer, and deliver about 4-7 paragraphs depending on how inspired I am.
I ask your patience, and a lot of it. My response can be anywhere from a day to a week or two, depending.
>I prefer very detailed, long form rp with plots! Smaller stuff is cool but my inspo dies for it p quick

My Main Muses:
> Tamaki*
>Eridan Ampora
>Sollux Captor
>Mituna Captor
>So many
>Bilbo Baggins
>Thorin Oakenshield
> Kei Tsukishima*
>Kyoutani Kentarou*

> OC LIST Wip!

>Dragon Age (Not exactly a lore buff)
>Teen Wolf (First two ish seasons)
>Metal Gear Solid (Not a lore buff)
>Witcher 3🌟

Curious about a fandom or unlisted muse? Ask! Beware though, I know very few fandoms.
* Means it'll take some convincing to get me to use them. (Mostly for muse burnouts or too many rps already)
Crossed out means not currently interested! 🌟 Means craving!

Dynamics I enjoy:
>The smaller, spirited and/or bossy one & The larger, more passive one
>The two on equal footing, constantly keeping one another on their toes
>Lovebirds, both grossly sweet and bantering constantly, beware all in the seeing-zone
>The two extremely tough, combatitive people that never fight eachother, and get soft only with eachother
>"I'll kill them for you" & "I have my own ways"
>"I'll kill them for you" & "Whoa, hey, no there's definitely better ways to do this!"
>"I'll kill them for you" & "Not if I do it myself"
>"Everyone's terrified of me, what am I doing wrong" & "You think you're scary?? Nice try big guy"
> Veteran in the subject (Detectives, supernatural, magic etc) & Doesn't know the first thing about it
>Ethreal, graceful being & Rough and tumble

>Dark, gritty atmospheric
>Film Noir esque styles
>Tons of detail in the scene, using scene pieces

Plots I enjoy
>The one where they're forced to work together and end up being far too good of a team
>In a dystopia, one or both have a big sway over an unlikely force that will help them conquer
>"We're both extremely in denial but everyone around us thinks it's painfully obvious" (add in a "But we've got a job to do!")
>Detectives! Especially supernatural detectives
>One person just discovered the supernatural, and the other is a veteran.
Bonus points if the newbie has a bigger and better power that with refinement could turn the tides of a possibly dystopian society.
>Cliche romance plots + a new element.
For example, flower shop au, except it's a front for a spy ring and god, how am I going to tell him that?
He keeps trying to show off how much he knows about flowers!
Arranged marriage + Kingdoms + Supernatural = I'm getting married to the Prince, but what's this about initiation rituals? On full moons??
>Time travel plots!
>"Both of our Kingdoms are unfair, let's just form a new one and see where it goes?" or "Anarchy sounds like a nice date idea"
>Aliens and cool anatomy whathaveyous!

Things I do not enjoy
>Randomly and frequently hurting or putting your muse in bad situations. I didn't sign up to babysit!
>Endless, unrepentant angst with no resolution. Again, not a baby sitter! If this happens I'll let you know, but if it continues I'm outie!
>Overly needy muses or toxic/abusive dynamics. If it's a very specific symbiotic relationship the likes of Venom, that's one thing. If your muse keeps getting weepy because mine isn't worshiping the ground they walk on? Buh bye.
>Being pressured for 18 plus. I don't mind it once in a while if it's discussed and we're doing it far out of the eyes of minors, but it's not my favourite.
>People who can not take constructive criticism. If I can't understand what you're saying, or something is urking me about your posts (lack of detail or making me do all of the work/only reacting) I WILL say something, and I ask you do the same! Like any other partnership, rp can only flourish through communication!
>Control freaks. Rp is about collaboratively building a story! Don't try to direct it like a pre-written movie. Learn your yes-ands, and make sure what you do doesn't entirely define the story without my input!
>Drugs, smoking, cheating plotlines, overly dramatic or unrealistic characters, constant talk about food or eating, transphobic or homophobic language or people.
>In depth discussion of mental illness or symptoms of them, in depth discussion of disorders and symptoms of them. Must ask before any of these come up!
>Asshats or unredeamable asshat characters. Don't rp with my muse just to be an abusive dick to them.
>In depth talk or discussion or plots to do with religion! It makes me uncomfortable. Wicca, witchcraft, paganism and cool fantasy religions are exempt tho those are totally fine with me!

This will be updated and bumped until I feel like I need a new one!
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Lord Helix our one true savior
Howdy! Im pink! I just finished reading your post, and I would love to roleplay with you! If you aren't too busy with other things, feel free to pm me! :D

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