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"War is hell, and I'm the Devil!"

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    Wayne sighed as he heard a drunk man point out the obvious. The goat woman was the least of his concern, but the drunk would cause problems, especially if they had a long time to stay on the island. He decided it was time to actually have his rifle ready, and looked to the other child who showed up. He gave a small wave towards the child in greeting, and looked back towards the group.

    "We should get going, we can't stay out in the open like th-"

    He was interrupted by some woman in a uniform who asked if they had information. Unlike the sergeant, Wayne fully intended to respond. Then he heard the dictator's manifesto of neglect and abuse, and lowered the weapon, the barrel pointed right at Vicky's chest.

    "Put your hands in the air, and step away from the kids."

    His voice didn't raise in volume, but his voice was as cold as a glacier.

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