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Yui looked towards Cui and Tsukuyomi. "You two want to take over the training lessons today? I need to oversee that the GUNDAMs in current production are going well with their advancements, and I need to check through the database to see if any hints as to what hacked us yesterday are there."

Cui slammed her left fist into her right palm, before smiling. "No problem! I'm sure Tsukuyomi has some Storm Vanguard Experience to share with the class anyways."


Haa... I want to go home...
"Capturing BETA Hives...?"

"Some knowledge from such operation could come in handy one day."


Haa... I want to go home...
“Only if it's just clobbering enemies to death. I always let Orga go the leading.”

Mika admitted. Being a leader was never his strong suit,and he was more used to following orders.


Haa... I want to go home...
“With the Barbatos now using a club,I could guess you'd have it more easier than with the swords.”

“Well,the halberd doesn't look like it's all for cutting too either. Plus you have a shield.”

“Which makes its a little more reassuring in case we needed a temporary cover.”


Haa... I want to go home...
“They were the reasons I've been slamming them with the flat side of the halberd usually.”

“Chargers seem to pick on Akihiro the most often.”


Haa... I want to go home...
Clearing his throat,Orga asked Cui and Tsukuyomi regarding their next lesson and training.

“Ma'am,what would be up for us today?”
"More Combat practice. Nothing really special. But as they say, practice makes perfect.... Yui?"
"Yes Cui?"
"Is it by chance possible for you to join us for practice later? I just had an idea in mind."
"If it's Lacrosse but with TSFs, count me out."
"Actually, I was thinking of capture the flag, boys vs girls."

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