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Lyudmila Zima
She nodded her head to acknowledge Aimi's leave after blasting a wave against the 'cyborg ninja'. It was not the course of action that Lyudmila would have taken but there was not much she could do about it. Even if you were the only one here. You should be prepared to face this gheist alone. At least that was what she thought of it.

"My bad. I owe you one." Lyudmila shook her head as she heard Cleo say that.

"No. We all owe that much to each other. Your injury would have put everyone else in more risk, in this situation we cannot afford that. If I thought that your injury would have had no impact then. Well... That is better off left unsaid Cleo." If it would have had no impact then she couldn't have afforded pushing her out the way. Is what she meant. 'Do what is best for the mission'.

There was excitement again when Lyudmila handed over the 'cyborg ninjas' sword to Cleo. She was unaware if Cleo even knew how to use a sword but she was the one who was in charge for the now and so she would follow orders. She is able to smile in life or death situations. That is good. Her opinion of Cleo had been growing and growing over the course of this day, she had no qualms at this point about putting her trust behind her.

Lyudmila unconsciously flinched backwards as Cleo used her explosive powers. Luckily Cleo's plan had worked out and she managed to take out the 'cyborg ninja' before he was able to recover. Skewering him with his own sword right through his hand and neck. She shook her head, I cannot allow myself to do that every time she uses her powers. Even though I see them in training I still. Her mind always went back to her sister and the fire. Her teeth grated against each other.

Squad B, now down to just the 2 people advanced further towards the waters where the looming giant drew itself more and more out of the waters. When Lyudmila reached the docks she made note of all the men that had been stationed in order to kill Civilians who got too close. If possible we should keep those men around. I don't want to start killing the civilians myself if I don't have to. She thought although the decision on what to do with them was ultimately Cleo's.

A loud whirring noise erupted through the air as the gheist prepared it's attack. She felt the force of it vibrate through everything around her, even herself. Death. That is what that is.

There was no time to think. Lyudmila did not worry about conserving her energy right now, she had to act. And so quickly she formed two objects made out of bone, they were in the form of tower shields, although with a pointed edge at the bottom. She dug them into the ground, one behind the other.

"Get behind them Cleo." It was the second time she had ordered her superior today, however both times she had deemed that it was the only way.

She stood in front of the shields and pressed both of her hands on the ground, in front of her erupted a thick wall of bone like material that was the same that had made the tower shields. This has to be enough... No. I cannot be complacent. From below her arose a second wall of bone like material, even thicker than the first. Four layers of this stuff, she hadn't known anything to break through a single one never mind four.

"I will be back in a moment." Was all that Lyudmila said as she shifted all of the power she could to her legs. All of her leg muscles bulged with power as she crouched down and two large spears were formed in her hands. "RAAAH!" She let out a cry as she jumped upwards. Her legs practically exploding out from underneath her as they were torn apart from the force she used to propel herself upwards out of the range of the attack that was to come. But that was not the end of it.

She could not stop this attack but if there was even a chance to stop the next then she would take it. The spears in her hands enlarged to a rather ridiculous size for her to hold. Next she transferred the power that she had left to her arms, first to her right. As she threw the spear at full force towards the weapon on the gheist's arm, her right arm followed the example of her legs and tore apart. So did her left. Hopefully the two spears would be enough to disable that weapon although she was doubtful. Lyudmila formed a bone like orb around her own body with as much energy as she could spare. It was at times like these she wished that she had Mays resistance to falling. But she was forced to make due with the methods that she had available to her and this bone would at least lessen the impact a little.

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Annie stared down at the bloody wreckage in shock. Her eyes frantically scanned each piece of rubble, as though the person she was looking for was just out of sight. She looked and looked, but no matter how much she searched, nothing would allow her to see wasn't there.

Gone. In the time between her maid's betrayal and Annie's arrival, May had been captured by the enemy. Blood snaked out past the car, marking the direction she was dragged in. Every inch of Annie's body screamed at her to act, but she was frozen in place as a cold weight seemed to settle in her chest. Gone, gone, gone...how could she let this happen? Annie was supposed to be the leader, it was her responsibility to protect everyone with the powers she had. But she was too late. May was gone, the gheists were here, Pretty Tower was being attacked, and she didn't know what to do--

"What... where did May go?" Annie was released from her stupor when she heard a voice. She looked up to see Princess Peril, glaring at her with a scowl on her face. "Where the hell did May go? You were right here weren't you?" Annie almost flinched at the sheer anger in her voice, as though May's disappearance were her fault. "I--" She tried to let out a shuttering reply, but Princess Peril was already moving, following the long trail of blood left in the wake of May's injuries.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Her fellow Magical Girl was right to be mad. Annie had failed May. She was right there, she saw the maid moments after her attack, but she was still completely unable to do anything about it. She'd failed to arrive at the lobby, allowing her entire squad to be ambushed while she did nothing but wander. Even now, she could hear gunshots in the distance, each bullet marking the death of another innocent civilian that she failed to save.

"A-Annie!" She opened her eyes and saw Akuma, one of the girls assigned to her squad. Her magical girl form made her several feet taller, meaning she had to look down to watch her teammate check her for injuries. When she met her eyes, she gave a tight smile that was perhaps meant to be reassuring, but ultimately came out rather sad. "Akuma. I'm glad you're safe." She backed up, looking towards the direction of the gheist. "Right now we need to trust Princess Peril, alright? May is in good hands." She gave Akuma another smile before backing up, stepping into the massive body of her mech suit. Her voice came out of the suit with a somewhat robotic sound to it, its head glowing with a wreath of dying flames. "I need you to tell me what's going on."

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Claire gave Luce an awkward smile as she inspected her wound. "You want to look? That's a little nasty, but..."

She made a face while trying not to react to Luce removing the fabric from the wound. The cloth was dripping with crimson blood at this point, and even the slightest movement in the area of her stomach made it sting. She broke into a sweat trying not to move, and she grew anxious as she wondered whether the wound would need to be prodded before it could be properly healed. That would hurt.

She felt relief when Luce looked towards her and delivered the news—the bullet went straight through, and Claire would no longer be forced to endure her pain. However, she startled in surprise at the changed color of her eyes. "Luce..."

She hesitated to deliver the news, wanting to prevent her from panicking while surrounded by so much chaos. She gave a reassuring smile as Luce pinched her cheek, glad to see that she was in such an affectionate mood. She wouldn't want to ruin that by informing her of her mutation.

Claire accepted Pam's tamale with gratitude, ravenously feasting upon the meal. She hadn't realized how hungry she was after she heaved up her most recent meal during the ambush. The flesh of the wound knit back together, and Claire felt overwhelming relief as all of her pain was washed away. Her clothes were practically drenched in blood, but after such an intense near-death experience, she was simply happy to be alive.

For a moment Claire was completely spaced out. She had just experienced the worst pain in her life by far, and to have it instantly disappear was almost incomprehensibly blissful. Besides...

"Yummy! This snack is so good!"

Every bite of Pam's tamale brought joy to her taste buds, and she spoke while chewing as she enjoyed the treat for the first time. After finishing up, her reverie was suddenly broken by a harsh squelch sound and shouting voices.

"Luce, what are you doing? Stop that right now!" Claire's eyebrows furrowed in fear as she watched her friend brutally stab the poor man. "I'm not sure why they wanted to kill us, but I'm sure they had their reasons, right? Can't we just let them go now that they've learned their lesson?" Claire gestured towards Liv in response to her question. "O-oh, no. I can only use one card at a time, so I can't use any effect right now other than the Knight of Coins. Sorry..." She frowned and turned back to the men who tried to ambush them. "Listen, I will let you go if you swear not to hurt anyone ever again. Okay?"


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Pretty Tower Lobby (Enemy)

The knife jabbed into Jack's face was old news, hajis tried that one years ago, and did a better job. His previous feelings of fear began to turn to anger at the girls. He began to realize that these little pricks did not know jack-shit about combat, interrogation, strategy, They made up for all their weaknesses using their bullshit fairy-tail powers... right? Careful planning and by the books assault only put a little dent in them. Plus where the hell was that samurai guy? Did they kill him too?

Jack would be content to not say anything as they tried to interrogate him, but a certain someone had to open her mouth.

"Listen, I will let you go if you swear not to hurt anyone ever again. Okay?"

It was that card-bitch, no mistaking it. He put a bullet in her earlier, and he heard her voice. It was kind-of hard to forget. Even knife-bitch putting some of mystical fucking eye-shadow in his eyes could not blind him from the fact that this girl with no-place to talk, speak, or participate in anything combat related. Jack began to speak - the knife to his face tearing his face apart as he did, "Not hurt anyone - that's what you want me to do? Bitch you don't know shit! You EXPECT me to come back from what I've seen and work a god-damn 9-5!" Jack suddenly lurched forward, the golem holding him firmly in place, the movement streaked the knife across his face, "You expect me to SETTLE the fuck DOWN after they ship me back a god-damn trained killer! The first-world has no place for me! My skills are not marketable! But little idealistic prissy fairy twats like you wouldn't know that huh?!?" Jack was fulling unhinged now, thrashing forwards, but the golem gripped him tighter and tighter. Eventually he pushed so hard against the golem a crisp snap was heard in both of his shoulders.

He was not done yet though...

"Do you REALLY think I can work like the mindless abortion waste that live according to a 9 to fucking 5?!? Do you think I can RELATE?!? I DON'T CARE WHAT KAREN DID AT THE CHRISTMAS PARTY! Just give me back the brothers I lost! This is all I have, this is where I belong, so no! You let me go and do what I do best! I'll hurt more and more people! You keep living the life you're living right now! Maybe you'll understand one day!!"

With manic, tear-filled, and broken eyes Jack stared forward into the dark void that had been cast on his eyes. Was this how we going to die? A bunch of little girls with weird fashion sense? What would his brothers in arms think? What about the ones who fell combat?

Whatever... nothing matters anyways.

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Ocean Side

The Gheist managed to open fire with its arm cannon, aiming directly at Cleo, but the barrier created a protective zone for Cleo. Unfortunately, despite the bone-like material being extremely tough, it was rapidly dissolving. Fortunately, the center of the beam hitting the layers of the shields disipated the blast to the surrounding direction rather than towards the city. This did not change the fact that Cleo would be blown to absolutely nothing soon, but Lyudmila's daring gambit paid off. Her strike flew true and made impact with the arm of the Gheist. It was not strong enough to penetrate the weapon, or armor; although, it did not shatter on the Gheist's arm either. The spear hit the arm with such force it knocked the Gheist's aim downwards into the ocean below. This inferred that the material the Gheist was made of was either equal to, or the same material as Lyudmila's bone materials.

The Gheist's weapon continued firing directly into the Ocean for about three seconds. A massive plum of steam rose from the ocean, and washed over the harbor. The men caught in the steam were literally steamed alive. Their screams of agony could be heard over the sound of the vaporizing beam. The cloud of steam was heading directly for Cleo, and she would only have moments to react before succumbing to the same steamy fate..

Lyudmila's hop into the air would land her safely atop a nearby building that was large enough to break her fall (If she chose to land here.)

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Jack's tirade put Claire into a stunned silence. Her face was screwed in fear as she listened to his harsh voice, and his desperate attempts to escape the grasp of the golem caused her to avert her gaze, looking towards the ground. After a moment of shocked silence, her voice came out quiet and choked with tears, increasing in volume as she went along.

"I...can't understand complicated things. So please don't expect me to comprehend everything that you're saying..."

She raised her head, looking straight into his eyes.

"But I know that what I have is unfair. I didn't ask for this power. I could have done nothing with it, but I chose to use it to defend humanity. I wanted to save the world...I wanted to be a hero..."

Claire made a step forward, and began to slowly, methodically approach the man, her voice trembling with emotion.

"You think it's easy to carry the weight of humanity on your shoulders? I've been living in fear, knowing that I'm too weak to protect the people I love. I understand you, and I think you can understand me."

The tears spilled from her eyes as she stopped directly in front of the man. She gently caressed his face, smiling as she wiped a manic tear across her finger. "Look at your face. Those eyes...I can see an endless storm of rage inside of them, hatred towards the world. I can tell that you have loved ones, people you care about dearly. You have kids, maybe a wife...a family to return to. After all, everyone needs something to anchor themselves to the world. You're not a monster, so long as you have love. It becomes your purpose in life. A legacy that allows you to kill without a care in the world."

Claire's face slowly became hollow and desperate as an endless torrent of tears streamed down her cheeks. "I'll never understand your need to kill, but I understand that you have a duty. Every human has innate potential, and you invested your potential into the power to kill. I have a doctrine that I must follow, too...as a magical girl, it is my duty to defend humanity. I don't want to bring harm to a man, but I can't allow you to steal countless lives either. That would be too cruel! You have to make a choice, walk away from the things that you've done and live among humans or be condemned! I don't want to be like you, I don't want to be a senseless killer! Please, I don't want to be a monster! PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME KILL YOU!! PLEASE!!—"
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Pan Pan

The brunnete listened to the man's rant with a scowl in her face. She felt sorry for him, yes and had no absolute idea of who the hell Karen was but this dude tried to kill them and it didn't look like he wanted to talk.

Claire started speaking and ended up hurting the Mexican's ears. She was scared, and these events possibly traumatized her. The brunnete sighed and gave her a small hug and a pat on the head before turning to the man

"Okay, we get it your job sucks but it's your duty, but we have a duty to deal with like that giant alien think that's gonna eat up the whole world and it'll really help us out if you just told us who the hecking fuck are you, who the hell is your boss and why the fucking hecking hell are you attacking us!?"

She growled, venom and fury dropping off her words.

"Also, I don't sound like that, and Don't use Jose's name in any insult, cabron!"

The fiery girl aimed a the pan to his face with crazy mad eyes.

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The little bombs Emerie had thrown exploded in a violent flash of light, blinding anyone who wasn't looking away. Fortunately Emerie had already tossed herself off the side of the building. In mid air she turned and fired her grappling gun at the side of roof before she gained too much downward momentum. With the hook locked in place, she curved down into a window. She braced herself as she crashed through it and rolling to her feet. She was two floors down now, and the tower was full of tight corners. Her sniper wouldn't be needed here. She slung it over her shoulder and pulled out her handgun. She slipped her grappling hook back into her thigh holster beneath her uniform.

Emerie rubbed her eyebrows. The day had proved far more stressful than she'd ever imagined. Who knew helping magical girls fight gheist meant she'd be combating such well trained people too. Ruri was either still on the roof or heading down towards her as she waited. She'd need a way to get the upper hand if she wanted to win this fight.

"Fuka, I'm after Ruri. She's an enemy. We're on the upper floors if you want to help me out. Let me know what the situation is outside the tower asap."

Emerie hoped Fuka would respond quick. If things went south escape would be her next best bet. Lady Una was counting on her photographic support after all. Keeping her gun close to her body, Emerie quickly tip-toed her way towards the staircase. If Ruri was still on the floor above her she might meet her there. Just to be safe, she slipped a hand to her chest and grabbed another little flash ball. If she hear any footsteps, the bomb would be going in first!


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Liv wilted in response to Claire’s answer, but the girl was at least opposed to Luce’s method of doing things as well. She couldn’t help but frown at Claire’s promise that she would release them though. Liv doubted that these men would stop killing. It is their job after all, right? Even if they can’t get answers, keeping them detained would be the best course of action, at least until Miss Fuka showed up again to decide what the fate of these men should be.

Somehow, Claire’s words set the man off, and he went on an enraged tirade as though completely unaware of how it tore his cheek apart. Liv’s eyes widened at the blood spurting from his face, and she took a step back when he thrashed in a desperate craze. The golem continued to restrain him, until his movements resulted in an unmistakeable snap of his bones. Even then, his accusations and grievances went on and on. For all his harsh words and insults, Liv felt her gut wrench in sympathy.

This man already killed too many people, and going back to whatever life he lead before this was impossible. Couldn’t the same be said for her as well? Liv didn’t kill anyone today, but her dutiful marionettes did at her own command. And there may come a time where she has to take a life with her own hands. At that point, could she go back to her father, who knew nothing of her duties as a magical girl, and pretend to still be his naive, innocent daughter?

Liv swallowed a lump in her throat and listened to Claire as she spoke. Her words about duty and her responsibility to mankind weighed on Liv’s heart. The Pretty Protectors have people like Claire or Lyudmila on their team – girls who committed themselves to the task that Miss Francesca had assigned them so that they could protect humans from Gheists. But what about Liv? Her drive in life had always been her sweethearts. Saving mankind was the last thing on her mind when she became a magical girl. Her powers were only a means to allow her sweethearts to come to life. Even when she joined the Pretty Protectors, her purpose never changed. She used her ludicrous pay to further her craft and to support her father. Even with the looming threat of the Gheists, her training and the fate of mankind took a backseat to what Liv actually wanted to do.

Now this mindset seemed unacceptable. She shouldn’t be putting her selfish desires first anymore. She shouldn’t be hesitating to hurt or kill because she didn’t want to. She shouldn’t be keeping her sweethearts out of the picture just because she didn’t want them to get hurt. Shouldn’t, shouldn’t, shouldn’t, but was that the right thing to do? As magical girls, did they really not have the freedom to exercise their own will? Were their responsibilities just shackles that bound them, forcing them to do what they didn’t want to do?

The question hung heavily in her head, but Claire was growing more and more desperate with each word, borderline hysterical as she begged the man to give up on his way of life. Her train of thought was disrupted when Pamela, in her anger and frustration, swung her pan down on the man. Liv’s hand shot out and grabbed Pamela’s wrist before the strike could connect.

”Pan Pan, we all want some answers, but a strike like that could kill him,” Liv sighed, and released Pamela once she was sure the girl understood.

She turned to Claire then, whose face was streaked with tears. Liv wasn’t faring well either, with the gut-wrenching realization that this attack had essentially left her way of life in ruins. But Claire, the poor girl, seemed the most affected by the man’s words. Leaving her own uncertainties and melancholic thoughts on the backburner, she stepped between Claire and the man and set her hands gently on the girl’s shoulders.

”Miss Fortune, honey, it’s alright. We won’t need to kill these people-”

“For now,” Jerod added quietly. Liv shot him a glare, and he snapped his mouth shut.

”They’re already hurt and restrained, there’s no need to do anything more,” Liv said gently. She let go of Claire and turned around to face the man. Using her fingertips, she gingerly plucked the knife lodged in his face out and let it drop to the floor. Since physical threats and bodily harm didn’t convince him to spill, then there was no need for the knife anymore. They have yet to receive any answers, but with how unhinged the man is, Liv wasn’t sure if going on with the interrogation would be helpful. She casted her eyes towards Ophelia in a silent askance of whether they should continue.
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"Akuma. I'm glad you're safe." Aimi watched as her squad leader took in the sight of the Gheist. "Right now we need to trust Princess Peril, alright? May is in good hands. I need you to tell me what's going on." Aimi nodded firmly, and began to break down what she knew about the situation.

"Y-yeah.. Um, as you know..." The idol's expression hardened. "Pretty Tower has been breached. I-I don't know how, but.. People are dying left and right. Squad A was left inside to take care of the infiltrators, with several injuries taken. To my understanding, they're still fighting." Aimi turned and pointed at the alleyway that she came from. "Our squad escaped out of a window; Lyudmila, Cleo and I were instructed to go after the Gheist. We were stopped by some kind of... ninja guy? Lyudmila and I incapacitated him, before I left to come get you and May. I... don't know what happened to them after that...." Aimi trailed off, before continuing her briefing. "T-the Gheist, Annie... It's huge. I-It's in the water, just past the tower. I had to come get you. There was no way only three of us could pull it off, especially without your mech."

Silence settled between the two girls, and Aimi became aware of the screaming. Civilians, being shot from the buildings surrounding Pretty Tower. I really have to stop running off like this, but... It's our duty to save people, too. Not just take out the Gheist. "Annie. I-I know it's not my place, and I know I'm disobeying orders, but..." She wiped her eyes, and attempted to put on a brave face. "Y-you hear them? The people we're supposed to... protect? They're dying, Annie." Aimi reached out to her squad leader, placing a hand on the mech. "Maybe I'm just being silly, but...we both know you're stronger than me. I can save people here. You can help our team better than I can." A bullet whizzed by Aimi's head, causing her to jump away from Annie's mech. Skidding to a halt, Aimi looked back at her fellow magical girl. "Don't worry. I have a plan." The idol shot her squad leader one last smile. "Have you ever seen one of my concerts?"



Remaining in her magical girl form, Aimi scoured the now bloody streets for some sort of platform: somewhere she could be easily seen, and easily heard. About 100 yards from her position, she could hear-- no, feel -- the remnants of what seemed to be a concert being performed. There, she thought. Sound systems and masses. Nodding to herself, Aimi launched herself into the air with a boom, the resulting soundwave shattering nearby windows. I don't have any time to waste. It seemed that Aimi's soundwave abilities allowed her to hear when bullets were being shot, and where they were headed; this skill alone allowed her to dodge several shots aimed directly at her head. Reactivating her scythe, Aimi slashed in the direction of every bullet, not hesitating long enough for the shooters to get their positioning back. Like before, Aimi didn't have time to stop and see if she had taken her targets out. She had a mission.

Eventually, she reached her destination. The platform -- a wide concert stage -- was surrounded by a rather sparse crowd, and occupied by a few dazed band members. It seemed that the Gheist's call had taken some of the civilians already. Aimi cursed to herself before landing on the stage. The remaining conscious occupants of the area seemed rather startled, while a few who had resisted the call seemed relieved that a magical girl had arrived to, presumably, save them. The Gheist was visible from behind the stage, a fact that only placed more pressure on Aimi. "S-sorry," she apologized to the band, before flicking her own microphone on and addressing everyone in the vicinity.

"H-Hello! My name is Aimi Minako, and I'm a member of the Pretty Protectors. I need you all to listen to me, and not the voice in your head!"

Before she could continue, Aimi heard the whiz of an incoming bullet. She leaped to the side, still trying to smile for the crowd. "I-I'm going to be performing my new
single!" There was no time for her to lose her composure. As the music played, Aimi made a show of dodging bullets, and slashing in their direction. The audience, meanwhile, was hopefully spared from the attacks. Any bullets that she saw or heard approaching the audience were met quickly with another soundwave, sent either from her microphone or her scythe. Months of training had made performing much easier; Despite this being an incredibly impromptu performance, she actually seemed to be having fun with it. The music faded out, and Aimi struck a pose. Her concert had attracted some civilians from the surrounding area, which could serve as either a good or bad thing. For the moment, though, Aimi hoped that she had managed to at least remove most of the snipers and other assailants. "Thank you, everyone!" She waved, beaming to the crowd. If any further attacks ensued, Aimi was determined to shut them down. "Please, seek cover immediately inside the main arena!" The idol was directing this message to the attendees, but attempted to increase the reach of her message to the widest possible area.

Once everyone had gotten inside the arena, Aimi dropped down to the entrance, determined to defend the new "safehouse" from anyone and anything that came her way. She grounded herself, and tightened the grip she had on her weapons.

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Cleo Donovan

Cleo had allowed several seconds to pass by as her cold eyes looked down upon the cyborg ninja before confirming that his body had gone limp. She jumped several steps backward, reflecting on the moves it took to give him a final strike after her previous two teammates incapitated him. It was fortunate that she did not get hurt. Lyudmila was right and her reasons on defending her was all within her expectation as well. She could not afford to lose a limb now, not with a more important matter at hand.

Now. Cleo’s golden eyes shifted to the direction of the ocean, where the Gheist had slowly made more of its appearance. The duo quickened their pace as they advanced toward the small harbor. The atmosphere was thickened by the threatening aura of gloom and despair. From the corner of her eyes, Cleo noticed that the perimeters of the ocean was guarded by a team of soldiers. However, there weren’t that many of them. With each shot they fired a civilian fell down to the ground, but aimlessly the rest still stepped forward, sacrificing themselves to Death’s door.

They were affected by the Gheist, Cleo figured. However, scenes like these leave a bitter taste in her mouth. Soldiers--related to the government, huh. Hurting the innocent, again.

However, did she really have the right to judge? In the end, as part of the gang, she’d hurt dozens too, even enough to kill. Sure, she did it because it’s natural to do so when fighting as a gang. But with those very same hands and even with that very same ability, she’d hurt those she decided are not innocent, who had blown her a death wish that she willingly blew back. And behind those people that she decided are not innocent because they’re part of an enemy gang are a story of their own and a reason why they decided to join the gang in the first place, like she herself.

But now’s not the time for that. Her rationality told her that there’s no time to waste, and that as victims of the Gheist, these civilians were safe no more to start with, and in the end would likely still be cursed a dying fate. Ultimately--as Cleo looked away, she focused on the bigger problem. Emotionality aside, the conflict between the soldiers and the affected civilians comes second. The first would definitely be--

The bionic whirring noise erupted, vibrated across the area and caused Cleo’s body to shudder and grit her teeth. She narrowed her eyes, watching as the monstrous, dark figure began to raise its giant weapon with large flames bursting out from the muzzle and pointed it toward the harbor. It’s gigantic. And the power of a single attack by that…

Cleo scowled. She would not like to imagine.

Lyudmila had always been quick to act. Two tower shields were created to be immediately used for Cleo’s defense before several more thick walls were created. She didn’t mind being ordered on what to do, especially when the command sounded right, and she really shouldn’t be the squad leader in the first place so there’s no need to treat her like one (or so she believes) when her role is just very temporary.

However, her eyes did widen a bit when Lyudmila rushed off on her own. “Oi!” She yelled out from behind the shield, watching as her fellow team-mate jumped upwards after shifting all her powers into her legs and created two gigantic spears. That was too rushed, Cleo was thinking. Going off alone like that against this monstrosity without a plan or assistance. Definitely not a good idea, but at times like these, the options were too scarce to think it through carefully, anyway.

The Gheist did fire, aiming straight at her. The barriers did save her, even though they in themselves were now damaged. The backlash of the beam dissipated the blast to the surrounding directions. Cleo frowned. Whatever the reasons may be, out of morality or not, she owes Lyudmila twice now.

She narrowed her eyes when Lyudmila’s powerful attack caused the weapon’s aim to change as it now pointed directly downward, and the Gheist fired into the ocean for around three seconds. Only three seconds, but the steam it created was devastating. Washing over the harbor, screams of agony filled her ears as the soldiers were steamed alive. She inhaled a sharp breath when the cloud of steam aimed for her too, and immediately with a powerful blast of her explosion she shot herself upward into the sky using the force created by the backlash, and continued to quickly dashing up, but forward too, toward the Gheist.

Cleo looked briefly downward at the ocean surface almost invisible as it was covered in steam. They should absolutely not fall into the ocean either, with the burning steam she could figure out how much worse the ocean itself could be right now. Her attention quickly shifted to Lyudmila with the orb surrounding her body falling down. Automatically, she outstretched her hand and allowed a glowing white ball to explode just a meter away from Ly’s body, the backlash force would almost serve like a kick and send Lyudmila flying to the nearby building large enough to break her fall.

Then, she made Ignis, her gun, disappear. Instead, dashing into the air higher and closer to the Gheist until she was slightly higher than its head, Cleo’s golden eyes observed the monstrosity by its head and upper body. With both outstretched arms, two giant glowing white balls began to form half a meter away from each hand. Cleo hissed, her eyebrows furrowed into a tight, uncomfortable scowl as she concentrated on making the explosions bigger and bigger. It reached a limit when her arms began to tremble fiercely, before she actually looked to either side of her.

The blasting orbs of white light, emitting a greater radiance than she’d ever noticed, was only the size of half her body. Compares to the Gheist, how tiny are these! She’s weak, she’s weak, she’s weak! This is not enough!

There’s something else she noticed about her power. It is purely offensive with no defense. She’d have to rely on others too if she ever needed a shield. How laughable.

For once, hints of rage glistened in her eyes as she settled on a decision. Putting her arms together, the two glowing orbs combined into one, the size doubled so it was as huge as her own body. Then she launched downward, sending the orb straight down from the Gheist’s shoulder.

It exploded upon impact under a range large enough that it should have some effect not only on the shoulder connecting to the arm, but the head too, with a mighty force and power of pure destruction. However, Cleo has no idea how much that single blow of hers could work. All she knew was that if that very vision she once saw that long ago when she first received this ability was true, then this is solely just the beginning. And if this is her currently most powerful move that couldn’t even kill a Gheist like this--if it could only manage a scratch, then she’s weak as hell.

But reality is that she is weak, maybe not the weakest among all the magical girls but definitely one of the weaker ones, with a long way to go still. When her senses got back to her Cleo was thinking rationally again. Right now, no matter how much she tries solo, or even with Ly, they would not be able to beat this shit down. Especially after using her powerful move, Cleo was aware that the rest of what she could do would only be her usual, casual explosions that could only work powerfully against humans or similar creatures, but not a monster like this. Exhaustion was starting to hit her.

Right now, all she--or they, if Lyudmila stood up again, was to prevent the monster from attacking again as much as possible. They’d try to hold this monstrosity down as long as they could until backup comes, or at least, at least until Annie returns.With that giant robot suit.

Cleo landed herself on the same rooftop as the one that Lyudmila was on, caught her balance with her knee and palm against the ground, knelt. A long, deep breath escaped her lips, but after she composed herself a mild smile still found its way to hang back onto her lips. “You alright there? We still have a long way to go.” She narrowed her eyes as she tried to look into the far distance, looking for the shadow of Aimi and, hopefully, their squad leader.

Mentioned: Annie @Reis , Aimi @Kitt
Against: Gheist @SadistPoet
Interacted: Lyudmila @Mion



Ophelia recognized her innocent mistake soon after she did and muttered a curse to herself. She supposed she was too used to calling them by their ordinary names considering that nothing like this had happened for a long time. She knew this was her fault, and now that the hostages possessed this information, it only made sense to terminate their lives. It was a magical girl’s duty to rid the planet of scum like these men, and right now, this man they were speaking to was doing nothing to ameliorate his situation. Then again, he looked like he had a death wish and giving him what he desires would be like a reward for his behavior.

Ophelia remained silent throughout the entire interrogation process, she saw that her teammates were doing most of the work and therefore decided to not interfere. After all, she hated being the one that everyone is staring at. However, this was setting aside the fact that they were losing their grip because of the man’s words. “Girls, I’d rather us not lose our temper just because someone knows how to get under our skin. We all need to be calm or else we’ll make very irrational decisions.” She looked specifically at Pamela, Luce, and Claire with a strict gaze, her eyebrows lifting up slightly. The expression she wore was one of disappointment, magical girls shouldn't be this easy to break. The leader knew that the other magical girls were only trying to get information, but in return, it only made them even more vulnerable.

That is the worst thing to do: to give the enemy a target for which to aim at.

Ophelia glanced back at Liv, exchanging a look and then proceeded to kneel in front of the man.

“You seem to have a death wish, mister. I understand that this situation you’ve got you and your dear friends here in isn’t the best, but right now you can undo that. That is, if you cooperate and give us the information we need.” Ophelia was adopting a more diplomatic approach to the situation rather than going the more violent route. Additionally, she was composed by nature and wouldn’t exactly break upon the man’s words. She may be fuming inside, but she wouldn’t let that take a hold of her common sense. Ophelia would also never allow this man to make her friends question their self-worth.



lucia megume "halo"

interacted ➜ Claire "Miss Fortune" @Sacrosanctis, Ophelia @I.Dare.You
mentioned ➜ Jack @SadistPoet
location ➜ Lobby

⊱ ─────────────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ─────────────── ⊰

Luce patted the marionette that had climbed onto her shoulders and listened to his remarks. "Mmm, I agree with that last idea," She said before nearly doubling over with sick laughter. Her head was spinning. Because this man had just stolen everything from her, her life, it was gone, gone gone gone, disappeared, ruined.

She winced and raised a hand to her temple. It hurt, the thoughts punching against the inside of her skull. But the rage was stronger, faster, pumping through her veins like a drug. Whispering bad things in her ear and moving her like a doll. It felt good. She didn't have to think, only watch as she acted. Maybe it was easier, to just take the back seat and stand by. To go on autopilot. To just stop, stop thinking.

"Listen, I will let you go if you swear not to hurt anyone ever again. Ok?"

And there it was, the rage again. It grabbed her arm, flattened the palm of her hand, and drove it into the girl's face. "Are you fucking insane? You stupid bitch, this isn't the kindergarten playground." Her eyes blinked rapidly. She could almost feel the sting of her words. No, not hers. She didn't say that. No, no. It's all wrong,

The blinded man spoke up. His eyes were interesting, staring straight forward even though he couldn't see. Haha, that's funny-- Luce almost giggled. Almost threw up. She didn't know if she liked this anymore. His voice rose and cracked under his heavy emotions, and soon his shoulders cracked too. Luce gasped but her eyes still stayed watching his.

The fury rang in her ears and dotted her vision with black specks. Only a few words of his tirade poked through the white noise. "9... Karen... no.." With each snippet she heard the desperation in his voice mounted. It spun away some of the anger. A tear dropped off his bleeding cheek to the ground, making a small, lone puddle. It glistened in the sunlight leaking in through the shattered windows.

She traced the tear's path back up to his eyes and almost choked. That look. "Hhhhhhhh," The breath drained from her lungs shakily before the anger took back over. It resurrected violently. Luce couldn't tell if it hurt or she was just out of it.

"We have to kill him," She whispered. That wasn't her. She wasn't talking. "It's the only way."

When their group leader spoke calmly, Luce's attention was snatched away from the man. Her comment about 'temper' only made Luce's flare up more. Watching her lean down and talk to the blinded man, she shook her head. "Crescent." She choked out quietly. "Think here. There's no going back from this. Can't you see he's suffering? It's best we just e-end it."


Always Tired
Lyudmila Zima
The ground rushed towards her far sooner than she had expected. With a loud crash she landed on the roof of a tall building. The orb that had helped break her fall quickly moved away and dropped Lyudmila off onto the ground. She fell on her back, her legs were a grotesque twisting of black flesh and white bone, streams of vermilion liquid oozed down it but did not spill, it gathered in the joints and the gashes and tears. Her body had already started the process of healing itself, her powers aided it along the way. She used her left arm to drag herself to the edge of the building.

Some might have called her actions reckless. But it had been necessary to see whether her abilities could actually cause harm to this gheist. And with what she saw then her actions had not been all for naught. Her spear had been enough to overpower the gheist and force it's attack to be put to a stop. She glared at the behemoth from atop her building. I will have your heart by the end of this. Was what her eyes said.

She propped herself up further on her elbow. With Annie's mech or not. Your time is soon. She would not call it monster. To her monsters had the same shape and form as herself. This was something else.

Lyudmila gritted her teeth together. No forget the healing. She pressed her hand to the surface of the roof. And she got to forming her next structure. A large ballista began to take its form, and ready to fire on it was a bolt made from the same bone like material as her spear had been. Lyudmila had made stuff like crossbows and their bolts out of her material before so it wasn't entirely new to her. However the scale of this endeavor as well as her injuries right now led to it draining her a lot more than she would have liked. He head began to spin a bit. "Tch" She clicked her tongue roughly before taking a bite into her lip. Blood began to trickle down her chin as the construction was completed.

"You alright there? We still have a long way to go." She heard Cleo's voice before she had realised that she was there. So you lived? Good. An uncharacteristic look of relief washed over her face, but only for a moment.

"I seem to have lost most of my legs but I suppose I am better than that lot down there." She nodded her head in the direction of the coastline where the men standing guard had been steamed alive. She then put her hand on the side of the ballista.

"Cleo I am going to have to ask you to fire this thing for me. I will keep making new bolts for as long as I am still conscious. Keep firing for as long as you can. If it looks as if that gheist is going to send another blast our way." She paused to frown a little.

"Well I suppose I will have to ask you to throw me or carry me or something won't I? Well lets just hope Annie and the others come before that huh?"

@SadistPoet @SilverBlack


Ippen, Shinde Miru?
Pretty Tower (Jack)

(Dramatic Song to Have While Reading)

"I'll never understand your need to kill, but I understand that you have a duty. Every human has innate potential, and you invested your potential into the power to kill. I have a doctrine that I must follow, too...as a magical girl, it is my duty to defend humanity. I don't want to bring harm to a man, but I can't allow you to steal countless lives either. That would be too cruel! You have to make a choice, walk away from the things that you've done and live among humans or be condemned! I don't want to be like you, I don't want to be a senseless killer! Please, I don't want to be a monster! PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME KILL YOU!! PLEASE!!-"

Jack could not believe it, the kid was making sense. He wanted to agree, but his pride would not let him. Jack hung his head listening to every word the tarot user said. She progressively sounded more desperate and desperate, wanting to find a reason to let him live. He wanted to see that pleading look on her face, but that darkness still clouded his vision. Then he heard it - Thwap! She had been smacked by someone, maybe José? "Don't you touch her José!" Jack cried out feeling a surge of empathy inside him. This exact situation happened years ago, just a few months after basic-training. Except he was on the interrogating end.

"Can't we let them go? They were just in the-"


"They'll just bring more people Jack! Give away our position! They have to die!"

So this is how those kids felt? Of-course they were not as bitter as Jack, but they sure felt just as helpless. Jack was the one who pulled the trigger on them, all because some 'big-wig' told him too. Not so much different than right now. He was here doing the dirty work for God knows who - with little idea of their true motives. Whatever organization above him had intentionally kept them in the dark.

“Girls, I’d rather us not lose our temper just because someone knows how to get under our skin. We all need to be calm or else we’ll make very irrational decisions.”

That voice - it sounded sophisticated, knowledgeable, and motherly. It reminded Jack of his childhood. A peaceful time before all of this non-sense - Where all he had to do was come home to drink chocolate milk and read comic books. Hell, these girls reminded him of the heroes he use to read about, plus they had the powers to back it up too. Maybe they knew more than he thought... maybe he was just fucked up....

“You seem to have a death wish, mister. I understand that this situation you’ve got you and your dear friends here in isn’t the best, but right now you can undo that. That is, if you cooperate and give us the information we need.”

That same matronly voice, now questioning him. Was he going to explode again into another jaded rant? No, he wanted to comply now, but what about his family? Surely those freaks who communicated through that 'black-box' would know he spoke? Right? Or is that what they wanted him to believe? Jack's distress became visually apparent, "I can't risk my family's well-being, even though I haven't been there for them. Like I said, I'm messed up." Jack looked up, somehow discerning the direction of the voice questioning him, "You're in charge of this little team right? Or at-least have some control? You are responsible for these girls well-being, what you do for justice one day will make them tomorrows monsters. The world need heroes to stop the monsters like me..." with this Jack would hang his head back down, awaiting their decision.

@dazzling @Dawnsx @ElenaIsCool @Sacrosanctis

Pretty Tower Upper Floors (Ruri)

Ruri dashed through the stare-well door. She had to make it to the other side of the floor, and out of the window. A cloaked airship was awaiting for her get-away. She would already be out of here if it was not for Emerie making it down to her floor. It was odd that it had come to this. She actually enjoyed pretending to be a maid, even if it meant getting shouted at by May every-day. It was actually kind of fun putting on a shy and defenseless act. She knew at any time she could kill that bitch, and that is what she just did. As far as Ruri was concerned, her mission was a success. She let the men into the second floor posing as "electricians" to set up for the assault, so that will look good on her record. Now it was time to move onto bigger and better things, but she just had to make it past Emerie.

Ruri dove forwards whilst activating her gravity-boosted high-heels. This was done to preemptively evade Emerie's gunfire. She let loose two shots in rap succession, hoping to suppress Emerie in place, which would give her enough room to book it across the floor to the window on the other side.

Pretty Tower Upper Floors (Fuka)

"Status: multiple tangos engaging Squad A. May condition unknown. Squad B is in transit to engage Gheist. I am heading to your signal, over..." Fuka responded to Emerie as she dashed up the stairs without fumbling once. She sprung from railing to railing making it up the floors fast as possible. Emerie was reliable, so her word on Ruri had to be true. Fuka was ready to double-tap Ruri the moment she saw her.


New York Concert Arena Entrance

Aimi's concert noise spread far and wide. The sheer power, energy, and girl-power she exhibited went so far to over-powered some of the soldiers resistance serums (that were wearing off). Many soldiers laid down their firearms and began to approach Aimi from all around. They looked somewhat like they were trying to pull away, as-if they had a bit of resistance left in them, none-the less they were charmed. Even if Aimi's charm wore off suddenly, they would be at a distinct disadvantage without any weapons. The amount of soldiers approaching Aimi totaled to be around thirty of them.

This odd, and maybe a bit intimidating scene, was suddenly interrupted by one of the nearby soldier's head exploding into a pink-mist. "Fuckin' useless B-list team!" A gruff sounding man, suited in standard black regalia, but his helmet was partially destroyed (Disabling his voice scrambler). He held an assault-rifle with a glowing blue device on the tip of the barrel. He fired a few shots from his rifle at other charmed soldiers. The bullets in the assault-rifle appeared to be turned to energy by this device on the tip of the barrel. Aimee's sound-waves would not deflect these bolts of energy. Additionally, they moved substantially faster, so they would be harder to evade.


Ocean Side

Cleo's explosion did a lot more than she thought it would. The Gheist was about to respond to Cleo with shoulder-mounted missiles of sorts, but as she detonated her large orb it detonated the ordinance inside the Gheist. The damage would not be apparent at first, but after Lyudmila managed to assemble the ballista the Gheist began to display abnormal behavior. Side-flaps on both sides of it's head closed, and the message it transmitted stopped. It began to bleed black sludge from its demonic red eyes, monster like maw, and it's flat 'nasal-like' cavities upon its visage. For a moment it seemed like it would kill over, and the battle was one.

It was not done yet

It let out a sudden screech that broke all surrounding glass. It was more than enough to burst eardrums and cause bleeding. It ceased screeching and it sprung upwards into the air. Ocean water suddenly displaced, and sent roaring tsunami-like waves into the harbor swallowing it whole. The building beneath them began to creak and groan from the force of the waves. If this wasn't bad enough, the thing was at-least the size of a fucking skyscraper! To top it off, it bounded at-least 300 feet into the air! The sheer force of this sudden leap caused a vortex that pulled surrounding stray objects upwards into the air. Including both Lyudmila and Cleo...

@Mion @SilverBlack

Pretty Tower

Within the building, a sudden quake could be heard that would vibrate the structure of the tower. Then a sudden torrent of water would flood in, enough to submerge the lobby...

The pretty protectors had to act quick or they could very well drown.
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The Chocobo Champion
Princess Peril

The blood trail had finally stopped. The last thing that lead Una to May was the big star shaped hole in the side of the building she sprinted towards now. But just as she finally laid her eyes on May, the man standing above, that she assumed had put those extra bullet holes in her, instantly shoved his hand into her chest. The blood that gushed out sent shivers down Una's spine.

"I pull this out she dies right? Don't move!"

Una's mind raced at a thousand miles per hour as she began to skid to a halt. In her mind she tried to think of everything that she could do right now, and what might be done to her if she tried to reason with him. However she couldn't get her mind to accept anything other than rushing the son of a bitch. She had to kill him and save May as fast as possible. Snipers were surely ready to nail her when she stopped, and he would probably shoot at her too after he ripped out May's magiaphage. He was about 30 feet away. Una cracked a small smile. No words were needed for what she was about try.

Before she fully skid to a halt, Khana formed into a star shaped ninja star bigger than her own face. With her doubled strength, Una threw the star with all her might at the man's fore arm. At that angle it could probably hit May too, but Una was only worried about the man's hand deep in her chest. Una wasn't finished yet though, with one fairy already flying at him at bullet like speeds, Korola formed into a spear. Una burst forward once again, strainging her leg muscles to the brink in hopes to impale the man on her spear and then toss him as far away as possible.



Ippen, Shinde Miru?
Apartment Complex (May & Una)

The ninja star flew far quicker than the man could comprehend. It severed his hand cleanly in two leaving the severed hand firmly embedded in May's chest cavity, along with the ninja star. Korola moved swiftly, allowing Una to form them into a spear, subsequently killing the man before he had time to scream. May awoke from her unconscious state then let out a shrilling scream of agony at the pain she was in. The entirety of her rib-cage was a shattered mess, her left eye was slightly out of socket, both of her arms were severed, and to top it all off it appeared her legs were broken. May could not form any discernible words, either due to the pain she was in, or temporary brain damage. None-the less she still was alive, albeit barely.

May's agony only got worse when a dark energy began to loom around her mouth signalling a mutation was forming. Her screams of absolute agony now were accompanied by a waterwall of bloody tears. Out of her mouth popped a long, sticky, frog-like tongue that measured over four-feet in length. It seemed to be able to retract, and lengthen even further. May, in sheer disgust, and maybe confusion - attempted to bite it off. Her screams only got louder and louder as she tried this.

This horrific scene was interrupted by a nearby shrilling scream from the Gheist, a thunderous earthquake, and a giant wall of water headed right towards them. May's already broken state might not hold up under the impact of water shredding her apart, and she could quite possibly have her magiaphage knocked from her body. Una had to make a choice - let May die, and be able to avoid the water unhindered, or hinder herself in an attempt save May. It was all up to her...



Human Artificial Intelligence
Claire's face snapped to the side as Luce slapped her with an audible clap. Her tears momentarily came to a halt as she looked towards the girl, a wild look in her eyes from her moment of desperation. Her head swung towards Liv when she started speaking a moment later, and the rational voices of the Marionettist and Squad Leader Crescent Moon quelled her emotions. Silent, she took a few steps back from the golem, sniffing as she swiped at her eyes. A light smile managed to form on her face as she redirected her gaze towards the ground, and the desperation in her tone was replaced by a gentle calmness.

"I'm sorry. I'm not very good at controlling my emotions. For now, I'll trust my companions and allow my captain to make a final decision."

Claire allowed Ophelia to take the spotlight as she lead the interrogation, speaking in a logical, mature manner. She couldn't help but envy her emotional fortitude; both girls had suffered from the same sequence of horrifying events, yet the older Ophelia was able to take it in stride and do what was right regardless of outside circumstances. Everyone would benefit if they could all act without panicking.

She tried to tame Luce, attempting to convince her not to kill Jack. "No Luce, you don't understand. Once you kill someone, there's no going back. You will have to live with that burden for the rest of your life and continue the cycle of violence. There's no going back afterwards, and I don't want you, or any of the Pretty Protectors, to do that without a good reason..."

Claire trailed off as she heard a distant rumble, and she allowed herself to take her eyes off the interrogation, closely observing the outside of the lobby from its windows. What she saw paralyzed her, leaving her breathless and speechless. After her mouth finally caught up with her brain, she suddenly kicked into high gear, shouting a command towards her Knight of Coins golem.

"Golem, form a barrier right now! Protect us from—from that thing!"

The golem moved deceptively swiftly, releasing its three captives and allowing them to drop onto the ground. The thing kneeled and formed a 15 foot tall wall of stone facing inward towards the magical girls. It spread its arms to try to encircle all of the girls as best as it could while bracing itself for the tsunami. During the brief moment that it took to get into position, Claire had dashed towards Jack, dragging him closer to the center of the formation and bracing for impact.

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