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saturday shorts

its about the yearning

hey whats up yall im rowan and uhh thanks for clicking! im 17, and would prefer people around my age group. im not really interested in fandom stuff, unless its like a sandbox universe type thing; for instance, im totally down to do a dbh roleplay but like...only in terms of that i love androids and considering humanity.

i tend to write around 2-4 paragraphs, obviously depending on how much action there is etc and i guess id like my partner to sort of mirror that kind of length too. so obviously no one liners lmao

my preferred pairing is mxm i just...dont really feel confident in my ability to pull off other pairings realistically/im just not really comfortable with it. yoda voice: perform heterosexuality i must not sgdskd

OKAY now we can get onto the actual meaty stuff of a partner search lmao

PLOTS [more like...barely fleshed out ideas but o well]:

- something like hadestown? not the musical itself but like...something steampunk-y greek mythology based. ive been really into the idea of titans recently? i dunno the idea of titans and the gods having to live alongside each other in the modern world where they've all fallen into obscurity? alternatively, like the mythological figures being trapped in a cycle of rebirth with/without their memories and like...something cliche angsty like falling into a relationship only to remember The Bad Times
- ive been really into dishonored again, and ive been caught up in this idea of a sneaky political intrigue assassination world? like one character being that kind of...noble honorable type who has no interest in being dragged into/seeing the seedy underbelly of things, constrasted with another character who's Good at playing the game of politics and is fully planning on taking all this shit over however possible, but the first character getting unwittingly caught up in their plans
- alternatively to go with that one, two absolute menaces plotting to take over together, with that touch of like 'im trusting you to not stab me in the back now but this is a tenuous truce' like maybe one of them has a good standing in court, born of nobility and the other is a bastard so that kind of forced reliance? even though the bastard could totally make it on their own because they're smart and sneaky enough
- jumping way into the future now, a more cyberpunk-y idea because i REALLY can't stay away from like....robots skdkskdfk i was thinking something like...an android/cyborg person maybe being an old model, or like defecting (stop it i KNOW i love dbh hahsdfskf) OR more of like an androids vs humans war type thing but needing repairs at some point, and deciding to break into a human mechanics shop to try and find some parts but they get caught and...oh the human mechanic is actually nice and deciding to help them?
- more on a sort of dystopia, really stark class divides with maybe a...don't @ me but astroboy type feel? where the lower class and the upper class are physically divided in either like levels of city or like a floating city something like that, and there being riots all the time because of this. and then like maybe someone being tossed out from the upper world to the lower because of?? scandals?? and trying to make their way through this new world/get back up to the city? and then some angst potential in like. a character from the lower world agreeing to help only if they get a place with them in the upper world, blah blah betrayal (accidental? forced to betray them?)
- speaking of greek mythology?? smth with dionysus i dunno he just seems like theres so much...potential there...i might add to this later
- a shadow of the colossus type thing where our two characters have to fight these giant titanic beasts in a like...abandoned purgatory sort of space in order to?? get out or regain memories with each killing, growing closer as they fight for survival together only for a revelation to rock them...theres sort of a theme of betrayal with all of my plots can you tell i like angst-
- i dont mind threads or pms, your choice!
- ALSO big heads up this lower case stuff is for aesthetic i DO talk like a real person with a good number of brain cells when i write
- i do have a discord so if you'd rather message on their just shoot me a pm and ill send my user code
- please be cool and like...willing to chat and also i dunno talk crack dumb shit about our oc's
- if you like...read all of this send me i dunno your favourite soda and your least favourite soda
- i dont care if you ghost me because i also like....really have a bad habit of ghosting because sending a message saying 'hey im not interested' REALLY sets off my nerves so if it does the same to you! no worries! if you are brave enough to message me that this doesnt interest you anymore....wh how do you do that, but also no bad vibes dude this is all for FUN

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