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Fandom Katamari Damacy RP - “Let’s bond, yes?”

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Adventure, Magical


Bust :(
The King has been planning of meeting royal cousins of his own, and taking his poor unpleased son aswell. What they don’t know is that this trip is going to bring their relationship closer more than ever before.

“King’s cousin?”

Named Dri (Pronounced as Dry), older by 3 years than King. Could definitely be considered a backstabber. His face’s structure is more to that of Young King.

Dri’s daughter is called Darnea, and of similar age to the Prince, but atleast one year older than Prince. Acts very spoiled, and in similar behavior to her dad, as that’s what she’s always shown to do.

Both wear orange clothes, and have a light brown poofy tuft of hair. Both light skinned.

The reason the King’s visiting his old nemesis..he just barely remembers that, due to his used to be young age.

Thought process : “Maybe I only imagined that.”

Which characters are taken?”

The characters I play are Prince, my OC’s, and queen. whoever you are, plays King, your OC’s, and any cousins who happen to communicate with Prince.

Cousin behaviour

Cousins happen to squeak at eachother and say their own names repetitively more than they actually talk, and may usually try to communicate things by gesture. But they are definitely capable of speaking to some extent.

(Visit Cousins To figure out their correct personalities, and choose which cousins you’d best prefer playing as once in a while. Or just create your own, whatever you think is best for you.)


I may sometimes refer to a large group of..whatever species they are? as Katamarians. It just makes things easier.

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