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At the Adventurers' Table: Chapter Thirteen


Kaerri's Man. =)
@Kaerri Due to the way the rules work, Bren is welcome to take an axe-swing on the creature if he so chooses. (I had him move to the creature, raise his shield, and that leaves him with one action left. Taunting the creature has no effect since it cannot understand Bren, but it would be a great move in an MMORPG!). =)

(After a brief phone call, Kaerri elects for Bren to swing.)


Dannigan's Lady
Bren laid out the plan, but he did leave it up to the others to get things started. ^33^


Kaerri's Man. =)
Initiative order (Round 1)

Ankheg #2 - 17 (in Greased fire taking d4 damage per round on Nivirea's initiative turn).
Otorin the Rogue - 15 @Captain Hesperus
Nivirea the Sorceress - 14
Oreleth the Archer - 12
Luna the Wizard - 11
Brendoran the Paladin - 6 (in melee with Ankheg #2)
Bria of Healer - 6 (you two may sort out who goes first - Bria offers to defer)

Note for funsies: See this information above, friends? That has been sitting in my Reply box since Tuesday. I thought I had hit the Enter key and was waiting on good ol' Cap'n. Then I log on and see it was never sent in the first place. Oh well! =) C'est la vie ("Such is life!"). Or as they say here in America, "DEEEEERRRRRRP!" =)

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