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Story A Bio-Mechanical Whale


You've yeed yer last haw, partn'r
This is a short story written for a sort of writing contest(?) on a site called "Flight Rising" and was based off an image I've long lost. Personally, I really like it as it's one of my favorite works(of the few I actually still have lol) and I hope you come to enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you!

It was a dark world, the moonlight only just barely managing to filter through the heavy, rolling storm clouds. The trees swayed lightly in the wind. Their fluttering leaves and branches filled the silence with their soft, soothing whispers. Every few seconds, the low, gentle rumble of thunder would purr from somewhere past the large rock formations many miles ahead.

A dark figure walked along the road. They vigorously rubbed their arms in an attempt to stop the violent shivering that wracked their body. The cold night's breeze seeped easily through the thin black hoodie that the figure wore, the protective jeans they had on provided little warmth, and the backpack they had only weighed them down.

A sudden gust of wind knocked the hood from their head, releasing a mess of short, curly black hair. The figure, now identified as a young man, yanked his hood back over his head and trudged on through the freezing rain that had begun to fall. His shivering worsened as he was subjected to the elements. His breathing shuddered and his feet stumbled. He pressed on, though. After all, he had nowhere to turn back to. After about a minute of walking, an electrical station came into view. The low hum of electricity was faint, but it was promising.

The boy made his way to the building as quickly as he could, desperate for a break from the frigid weather. He tried the door and nearly cried out in despair when he found that it was locked. Even so, he tried the door a few more times, as if will alone would unlock it for him. Sadly, though, that wasn't how the world worked. He didn't have the energy to try and break the door down, so the boy turned and continued on his way. The low hum slowly faded in the distance as he grew farther and farther.

His strides were growing shorter every minute, his breaths becoming more labored. He’d dropped his backpack a whiles back, no longer able to support the weight. The rain continued to pound on him from above. His legs trembled with every step until finally, he collapsed.

The rain continued to pelt his face as he lay on his side. His gaze onto the road was unfocused and blurry with both tears and raindrops. His vision swam, dark and light shapes chasing each other, taunting him and his unfortunate circumstance. His senses began to numb. He couldn't smell the earthy aroma of rain. He could barely hear the barrage of raindrops splatting against the pavement just a few inches from his face.

But then, he began to see things.

They started out small. Little shining bugs that flashed on and off like tiny flickering lights. They would buzz all around him as if they were attracted to him. Strangely, he found comfort in this. Then, they would get bigger. He saw strange animals, like horses with tusks and six legs. Giant ladybugs with oozing elytra. Birds with no legs and hard, sharp wings.

He was amazed. This new world enraptured him. The muffled sound of thunder reached his ears, but he paid it no mind. He tried to stand and to get closer to one of these strange creatures, but found that he couldn't move even a finger, so he settled to simply observe them.

A loud, echoing noise startled him into looking into the sky. His eyes widened as he took in the sight of what seemed to be an enormous bio-mechanical whale. It moved elegantly and ever so slowly through the water that seemed to have frozen in time above him. The whale seemed to be looking at him as it chirped happily. The noises seemed to reverberate throughout his entire being, calling him to come and play. He wanted to, he really did. If only he could just get up.

In the back of his mind, the boy noticed the headlights rapidly approaching and the screeching of tires that followed a few moments later. His vision began to darken as a face he vaguely recognized forced its way into his field of view. He could feel himself being lifted and jostled around, but he couldn't manage to look away from the large, majestic beast that moved so smoothly above him.

The boy woke slowly. He found himself sitting in a car seat bundled up in blankets to the point he didn't think he could move even if he tried. He lazily turned his head to get a better view of where they were. Out the window he saw a fairly wooded area with the occasional house going by. He was filled with relief knowing that he would be returning to safety, but also dread.

He tensed up slightly when he felt something shift beside him. When he turned to look, though, he relaxed immediately. It was his old childhood friend Sasha Jenn, asleep on his shoulder. It was likely her brother that was at the wheel, as well. The last he had heard, she and her brother had been planning to move to another country. That must have been canceled when news spread that he’d gone missing.

He was surprised. He didn't think that anyone would go through so much trouble just to find him. If they hadn't picked him up off the side of the road like they had, he'd probably be dead and they'd all be none the wiser. He would have been just another nobody who had gone missing while no one batted an eye. The world would have gone on just fine without him. No one needed him, and he didn't need anyone. He was on his own, so it wouldn't have mattered if he'd disappeared and never returned.

But they did.

They picked him up, wrapped him in this ridiculous amount of blankets, plopped him in their backseat, and, if his memory served him correctly as well as his sense of direction, were taking him to their apartment. He didn't know what to think. All he knew was that, despite just how violently he was shivering and how heavy his eyelids felt at that moment, he felt warm. So, he snuggled back deep into his blankets, leaned back against Sasha, and closed his eyes, ready to let sleep take him once again. And as he drifted off, he had one, final thought.

Thank you.

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