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  1. Psychie

    Dice Robotech - Southern Cross Adventure - Equipment

    Mecha and Equipment will go here.
  2. Psychie

    Dice Robotech - Southern Cross Adventure - OOC

    OOC Thread here.
  3. Psychie

    Dice Robotech - Southern Cross Adventure - Characters

    Character Thread here.
  4. Psychie

    Robotech - Southern Cross Adventure

    Welcome to Psychie's first Robotech Game! IC posts to come later.
  5. Psychie

    Wanting to run my first Robotech game

    Hey everyone! I have been a member for a while, and now I want to try my hand at running a Southern Cross setting game of Robotech. It would start out during the time of the Malcontent Uprisings, then move into the invasion by the Robotech Masters. I will tag a few players that might be...
  6. Psychie

    Weiss Contauge - Lunar Exalt

    Weiss4 by Psychie posted Apr 22, 2017 at 5:50 PM Weiss Contauge - Lunar Exalt Caste: Waning Totem Animal: Eagle Str: 4 (5) *Dex: 7 (8) Sta: 4 (5) Cha: 5 *Man: 5 App: 4 *Per: 4 - +2 to Sight-based Rolls in DBT Form Int: 4 *Wits: 5 Abilities Archery: 3 Athletics: 2 Awareness: 4 - Spotting...
  7. Psychie

    Oreleth Soumral

    Oreleth Soumral Race: Wood Elf Age: 141 Deity: Solonor Thelandira Alignment: Lawful Good Str: 14 +2 (16 +3) Dex: 20 +5 Con: 12 +1 Int: 14 +2 Wis: 9 -1 Cha: 12 +1 Level: 9 Class: Fighter 6, Wizard 1 (Effectively 2nd Level), Arcane Archer 2 Hit Points: 61 +d10 per level Action Points...
  8. Psychie

    Inside the Machine God

    Here is our IC thread. Once characters are posted, we will begin!
  9. Psychie

    Dice Inside the Machine God - Information

    Hanging in midair where a dozen mile-wide diagonal shafts come together, the metropolis of Ein resembles a starmetal egg snared in a steelweaver’s web. It’s anchored by slim, graceful buttresses that stretch out in all directions, with pneumatic trams and funiculars gliding silently atop them...
  10. Psychie

    Dice Inside the Machine God - OOC

    Lets bring all our musings here.
  11. Psychie

    Dice Inside the Machine God - Characters

    Here is our Character Thread. I'll reprint the changes to the book creation rules here. So, for this run, I am letting everyone start out at Essence 3, and for Attributes, instead of the normal 8-6-4 points you normally get, I'm giving everyone 9-7-5. As per the Errata, you get 18 Bonus Points...
  12. Psychie

    Help Where do I look?

    I want to set up a new game, but I'm not seeing where I can create a Hosted Project like the ones I'm a player in. Can some extremely helpful person direct me to the right location?
  13. Psychie

    Exalted Alchemical game

    I have seen many games for Exalted, but not one that features the Machine God and the Alchemical Champions. Would anyone be interested in a game inside the Great Maker? I would like 3-4 players, able to post on at least a weekly basis. Once I get a few people showing interest, I'll post...
  14. Psychie

    O-Ren Ichi

    O-Ren Ichi Character Class: Cyber Knight / Undead Slayer Race: Atlantian Gender: Female Alignment: Principled Age: 35 Iq: 22 +8% to all Skills Me: 24 +5 to Save vs Psionics Ma: 15 Ps: 37 (Supernatural) Pp: 31 +8 to Strike, Parry and Dodge, +1 to Initiative Pe: 30 +10 to Save vs Magic Pb: 18...
  15. Psychie

    Brigid Silverbow

    Brigid al'Thor Full Moon Lunar Anima Effect: Full Moons may spend five motes of Essence to double their speed and leaping distances for a scene. The Full Moon also doubles her Strength for the purpose of feats of strength. This effect stacks with other increases, but only by adding a...
  16. Psychie

    Kiera Noran

    Name: Kiera Noran Race: Human Age: 18 Deity: Metatron Alignment: Lawful Good Str: 8  -1 Dex: 10 Con: 12 +1 Int: 14  +2 Wis: 20  +5 Cha: 8 -1 Level: 2 Class: Cleric Hit Points: 18 Armor Class: 17 Base Attack: +1 Melee Strike: 0 Ranged Strike: +1...
  17. Psychie

    Andarra Vaysel - Chosen of Serenity

    Andarra Vaysel Chosen of Journeys Str: 2 Dex: 6 Sta: 3 Cha: 4 Man: 4 App: 4 Per: 2 Int: 5 Wits: 2 Abilities Ride: 3 Sail: 1 *Dodge: 2 *Linguistics: 4  Old Realm, Riverspeak, Flametongue, Skytongue, Forresttongue *Performance: 4  Dance: 2 *Socialize: 3 *Athletics: 2...
  18. Psychie

    Toph Kirin "Muppet"

    Toph Kirin – TASC Rank: Second Lieutenant Age: 24 Sex: Female Hair: Pink Eyes: Blue Height: 5'5" Weight: 140 lbs Build: Slim and Athletic Half Human/Half Zentraedi Iq: 23 +9 to all Skills - +1 for level 2, 4, 6 boost Me: 15 Ma: 9 Ps: 21 +6 HtH damage Pp: 30 +8 to Strike, Parry and Dodge +1 for...
  19. Psychie

    Serena - Zentraedi Ace Pilot

    Serena - 3rd Lieutenant Zentraedi Warrior Elite – 2 Iq: 23 +9% to all Skills Me: 21 +3 to Save vs Insanity Ma: 11 Ps: 23 +9 to HtH damage Pp: 33 +8 to Strike, Parry and Dodge, +1 to Initiative Pe: 25 +5 to Save vs Poison Pb: 16 Spd: 30 Hit...
  20. Psychie

    Karen Everett

    Karen Everett Age: 20 Rank: 2nd Lieutenant  Global Military Police 1 Iq: 20  +6% to all Skills Me: 18  +2 to Save vs. Psionics Ma: 24  80% Trust/Intimidate Ps: 28  +13 in HtH Combat Pp: 23  +4 to Strike, Parry and Dodge Pe: 22  +4 to Save vs. Poison Pb: 15 Spd...