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  1. PinkIsTheBravestColor

    Chitchat Other Than Roleplaying

    Other than roleplaying, what is another hobby/activity you enjoy?
  2. PinkIsTheBravestColor

    Experiences The Roleplay Killer

    For anyone who chooses to listen, what is one thing that you think that could instantly kill a roleplay?
  3. PinkIsTheBravestColor

    Character Theory Media Influence

    For any roleplayer, do find the type of things you like, such as movies, books, or art, shaping the way you roleplay? Examples such as how you build your character and their personality, or the setting and plot of your roleplay?
  4. PinkIsTheBravestColor

    Experiences The Most Important Thing

    For every roleplayer out there, what do you think is the most important thing every roleplayer should know, and/or play by?
  5. PinkIsTheBravestColor

    Experiences Favorite Character!

    For the roleplayers with multiple rounds under their belt, what was one of your favorite characters you have ever roleplayed with, and why?
  6. PinkIsTheBravestColor

    rawr x3 nuzzles pounces on you owo you're so warm

    Howdy! I'm Pink! I like animals, fantasy, romance, horror! I'm also furry trash. (I'm sorry)